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Sea Fishing in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are home to some of the best fishing grounds in the entire world. Perfect for sport fishing, reef fishing, night, and deep sea adventures, amateur anglers and pro fisherman will equally enjoy reeling in the big ones off the shores of Marathon with our Florida Keys fishing boat charters.


Charter Fishing Boats in Marathon Florida Keys

Capt. JJ Hollis brings over 25 years of sea fishing experience in Marathon Florida Keys to the Skipjack Marina, where he works as a licensed commercial fisherman and PADI certified Divemaster aboard his 31' Jupiter, the "Wuda Cuda Shuda". The Capt. guarantees big thrills during fishing boat charters in Marathon Florida Keys, whether guests are trolling for game fish offshore or lobster diving along the local reefs.

Gulfside, Bay & Sea Fishing in Marathon Florida Keys

Action-packed or family-friendly sea fishing at Marathon's oceanside!

Tarpon fishing is action-packed and explosive in Marathon, where the "silver king" is marveled for its spectacular leaps, strong runs, and incredible endurance. The west end of the Seven Mile Bridge, Bahia Honda Rail Bridge, and the Long Key Bridge are all excellent sites for tarpon fishing. Bonefishing is another unique sport that can be found in the Upper and Lower Keys, just outside of Marathon.

Offshore, troll the Gulfstream for sailfish, dolphin, and wahoo, or fish the reefs and wrecks for yellowtail, mangrove, mutton snapper, grouper, mackerel, and barracuda.

Or opt to drop line at Marathon’s West Hump, an underwater platform teeming with big game fish like white and blue marlin, blackfin tuna, amberjack and shark.

Marathon’s gulfside is deeper and more wide open, creating an entirely different style of bay fishing, but perfect for family-friendly fun if offshore waters are too rough. Whatever style of fishing you choose to enjoy, remember to be sensitive to the environment by properly disposing of all trash, avoid hooking seabirds and discard old fishing line, so that sea life will not become entangled.

Sombrero Reef

Marathon is home to Sombrero Reef, one of the largest and most magnificent coral reefs in the Atlantic Ocean. Protected by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Sombrero Reef is one of the most beautiful sections of North America's only living coral barrier reef. Marathon has the largest continuous live coral reef system in the Florida Keys, the only coral reef in the continental United States.

As soon as you descend, bright corals, tropical fish, stingrays, and nurse sharks can be seen along the 170 mile reef. The amount of coral is breathtaking, and some of the best spur and groove reef formations can be found here. Large barracuda hang out by the lighthouse structure, and the coral limestone "Arch" is large enough to swim through. Divers are reminded to look but not touch, so that this spectacular reef will be preserved for generations to come. The reef is a Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA) and strictly regulated - fishing and lobstering are strictly prohibited.


Fishing Seasons

  • Barracuda: All year round
  • Cobia: November - April
  • Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi): April - September
  • Grouper: All year round (best November - March)
  • Kingfish: November - April
  • Mangrove Snapper: All year round (best June - August)
  • Marlin: March - October
  • Sailfish: November - May
  • Swordfish: May - November
  • Tarpon: April - August
  • Tuna: All year round (best Dec - Feb)
  • Wahoo: All year round (best May - August)
  • Yellowtail Snapper: All year round (best October - November)

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